Millers oils are fast becoming recognised as one of the global leaders in high performance petrol and diesel engine lubricants for use on road and track.

The extensive range of "mineral", "hi-synthetic" and "fully synthetic" engine and transmission oils and fuel treatments are some of the most advanced available.

Products in the range provide increased power release (or MPG enhancements), with ultimate protection for longer life and reduced maintenance costs.

Driving Force stock the full Millers oils colour coded range, so whether you are looking for a mineral, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic oil either to top-up or for a complete oil change, we have the right oil for you.

We constantly strive in keeping up with technological advancements in the lubrication market in supplying our customers with the latest lubricants for the latest engines. The Millers XF long life, a fully synthetic 0w30 engine oil suitable for the new petrol and diesel VW vehicles, is now in stock. Selecting the right engine oil for your car couldn't be easier!

Pick up a free easy to use Millers oils product guide in store today!

In addition to the Millers oils colour coded range, we also stock the Millers motorsport Competition oils specially formulated for race and rally engines, turbocharged and high ambient temperature engines for endurance racing.

Particularly suited to race, rally and turbocharged engines is the CFS10w40. This is a fully synthetic engine oil with a high ester formulation. Suitable for the older competition engines where heavier oil is preferred such as Triumph, MG, historic Formula Ford and American V8s, we stock the CSS 20w50, a competition semi-synthetic engine oil. This is a very high specification oil with the typical 20w50 formulation used in the 60s and 70s. This oil has been formulated to provide viscosity at the top end of the "50" range.

Within the Millers motorsport Competition range, Driving Force stock a number of gear oils, semi and fully-synthetic suitable for a variety of gearboxes and limited slip differentials. With our experience in motor racing and drag racing, selecting the right engine and gear oils for your competition car is paramount for the protection of the engine components.

Millers Classic oils range is specially formulated for use in veteran, vintage and classic cars, bikes and commercials. A particularly popular oil in this range is the 20w50 mineral engine oil. Mineral multigrade oils were introduced in the early 1960s to solve the problem of using different grades in the summer and winter. Millers Classic 20w50 is a very high performance, all mineral oil.

Millers Diesel Power Plus is a combustion improver and cetane booster incorporating a lubricant additive to protect against high fuel pump wear rates when using Low Sulphur Derv.
Significant benefits include :

Millers Diesel Power Plus is the right choice for diesel engines.

Millers vsp-plus is a lead substitute and combined octane booster for use in older pre 1990 or classic cars, designed to run on 4 star leaded petrol. A popular fuel treatment for use with today's unleaded fuel.

Millers Octane Plus formulated for modern engines fitted with electronic engine management systems and catalytic converters. Adds up to 2 octane (20 octane points) to base fuel and provides flame front control. Millers CVL is a competition valve lubricant. Add to unleaded fuel to control the flame front and prevent detonation, and lubricate valve seats. Adds up to 3 octane (30 octane points). 100 octane is available when added to Shell Optimax or similar base fuel. Complies with MSA and FIA fuel regulations.

Driving Force will endeavour to help you select the right oils and fuel treatments for your vehicle. Try us first for value and choice.